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Orland Parkfrom 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM

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Chicago - Midwayfrom 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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Family Health Plan

Specialized care for seniors. Benefit from tailored assessments, fall prevention, and support for your golden years.

  • Whole Family Coverage
  • Reduced Vaccination Costs
  • 24/7 Medical Advice

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Comprehensive healthcare tailored to your needs. Experience unlimited care and exclusive access to wellness events.

  • Unlimited Check-ups
  • Discounts on Treatments
  • Annual Health Assessment
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Wellness Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Urgent Care Centers the Same?

Not all urgent care facilities provide the same level of treatment.

At Advanced Urgent Care, we deliver advanced medical treatments you cannot find at a regular urgent care center. Advanced Urgent Care also offers lower costs for care than a hospital-affiliated urgent care center or a trip to the ER.

When would I go to an Urgent Care Center?

The urgent care center

offers you convenience and affordability compared to an emergency room's long wait and high cost. This is the right choice when you need a medical provider for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries but you do not have an appointment. You could also visit an urgent care facility when your regular physician is on vacation, closed on nights and weekends or unable to offer you a timely appointment to address your medical concern.

Do I Need an Appointment for Urgent Care?

No appointment is needed

A major convenience of an urgent care center is that you do not need an appointment for care. You can simply walk in when you require treatment. At Advanced Urgent Care, we also accept appointments to meet your preference.

Advanced Urgent Care